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PUMA enters new territory: "Mastering Emotional Discussions" training in virtual space

PUMA, a premier global sports company, has recently ventured into an innovative initiative to empower its team and respond proficiently to the demands of the digital era. In collaboration with Hawkins Consulting, PUMA unveiled a training that is among the first of its kind: "Mastering Emotional Discussions". This training was conducted in an advanced 3D work and training environment, a virtual universe designed by TriCAT.

Renowned for its cutting-edge 3D learning landscapes, TriCAT is a vanguard in immersive education and training. Leveraging TriCAT spaces®, participants from PUMA were able to work together in real time, irrespective of their geographical locations. They accomplished this through their own customizable avatars, fostering interactive and intuitive communication.

Training Hawkins Consulting in Tricat Spaces
Tricat Spaces Outdoor

3D learning environments boast multiple advantages over conventional video conferencing solutions when it comes to virtual training and seminars. In 3D rooms, participants enjoy the freedom to navigate and interact with each other as they would in a physical training room. They can form small groups for more focused discussions and utilize various gestures for non-verbal communication. The perception of spatial depth facilitates intuitive and natural interaction. Additionally, these 3D environments can be customized for training purposes, with the incorporation of interactive elements, tools, or even complete learning stations. Participants can explore, discover, and collaborate. This leads to a higher level of interactivity, thereby positively influencing motivation and learning outcomes. Hence, 3D environments are an ideal medium for making virtual training and seminars more engaging and dynamic.

These represent a mere fraction of the advantages that 3D learning environments hold over traditional video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams for virtual training, workshops, and seminars. They encourage interaction and active learning and can be customized to suit various educational needs.

Training Hawkins Consulting in Tricat Spaces
Tricat Spaces Auditorium

The shift into this new virtual training realm proved to be a rewarding and illuminating journey for the eight participants from PUMA, as well as the team from Hawkins Consulting. Despite geographical distances, the sense of togetherness was palpable, and their enthusiasm for the newfound possibilities was markedly apparent. The content delivered also garnered positive feedback from the participants.

This inaugural venture marked a first for both PUMA and Hawkins Consulting. It demonstrated that it's possible to deviate from traditional learning methods and investigate innovative methods for effectively training teams in virtual spaces. The utilization of TriCAT spaces® has showcased the potential of digital learning and paved the way for further experimentation in this intriguing new learning environment.

The digital transformation wave has revolutionized education and training. Both Hawkins Consulting and PUMA are proud to be riding this wave, eager for the upcoming phases in this thrilling journey.


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