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Doing business across borders

Negotiation in different cultures is subject to a variety of approaches and strategies, ranging from haggling to the use of body language. Differences in values, principles and attitudes can be a source of conflict. When dealing with people from other cultures, it is not enough just to be familiar with the other party’s language and business but it is also important to be aware of cultural differences. This seminar shows you how to understand culture clashes, break down barriers and create mutual acceptance for successful talks.

Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 1-2 days,
depending on requirements and exercise intensity


  • You will learn how cultures differ and what this means for your negotiations

  • You will be able to analyse cultures and develop the appropriate attitude for your negotiations

  • You will know what to look out for when negotiating with people from other cultures



  • Why cultural awareness is key to successful negotiation

  • Cultural definitions

  • Recognising and breaking down barriers

  • Dealing with your own intercultural perceptions


Culture categories 

  • Findings of cultural research; cultural categories in theory and practice

  • Different cultural standards and their impact on negotiation

  • How time and working methods can affect your negotiation

  • Approaches to discussions and decision-making

  • Power structures, authority and leadership styles in other countries


Differences in negotiations and meetings

  • Business etiquette in other countries e.g.  Russia, China, USA, India

  • Strategies for dealing with cultural differences

  • Body language and communication style

  • Addvice for your own cross-cultural challenges


Variety of methods including trainer input, pair work, group discussions, video sequences, analysis. Over a two-day training, further practice elements and negotiation simulations can be added.


This seminar is aimed at anyone involved in cross-cultural negotiation (in person, via the web or on the phone).

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