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English Presentation Coaching

Elevate Your Presentation Skills in English with Expert Coaching

Hawkins Consulting offer you English Presentation Coaching, designed to significantly enhance your public speaking abilities in an English-speaking business environment. As native English speakers with extensive experience presenting at board level, training, and coaching individuals, we bring a wealth of knowledge to our coaching sessions.


Whether you're refining an English presentation, preparing for a significant business event, or aiming to captivate an English-speaking audience, our tailored coaching is here to transform your presentation skills.

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Your Presentation Coaching in English can Include:

  • Personalized feedback: Receive expert advice in English to optimize your existing presentations.

  • Practice sessions in English: Engage in dry runs and practice sessions to perfect your English delivery.

  • Language mastery: Improve your use of English phrases, ensuring clarity and impact in your presentations.

  • Audience engagement strategies: Learn how to make your English presentations more interactive and engaging.

  • Creating memorable content: Get tips on crafting memorable presentations that resonate with an English-speaking audience.

  • Comprehensive guidance: Whether you need complete build-up assistance or just practice, we offer step-by-step support in English.

  • Native English expertise: Benefit as an added advantage from coaching by native English speakers with years of high-level presentation experience.

Format and Flexibility

Our English Presentation Coaching is flexible, with sessions that can be organized short-term and scheduled after work hours. This adaptability ensures you receive expert support tailored to your schedule and needs.

Conducted online via Zoom or MS Teams, our sessions offer the convenience of learning from any location. We begin with a brief to understand your specific requirements in English presentation, followed by organizing session timings that suit you. Our approach is personalized, focusing on maximizing your proficiency and confidence in English presentations.

Proven Success

With a track record of coaching professionals from renowned firms like Air Liquide, Avnet, and PUMA, we pride ourselves on our ability to elevate presentation skills at all levels. Our experience spans across various industries, ensuring you receive insights and coaching that align with global business standards.

Start your coaching

Are you ready to enhance your English presentation skills with native-level expertise? Read through the "How It Works" section below, then click on the contact button to send us your request. We'll be back in touch very shortly. Your success in presenting confidently in English is our commitment.

You can find details of the process here.

Sebastian Hawkins

Trainer and Coach

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