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Tailored English improvement for professional success

Our English Coaching service at Hawkins Consulting is uniquely designed to cater to your individual language needs and proficiency levels. Whether you're aiming to gain confidence in speaking, enhance your writing skills, or feel more comfortable in meetings and discussions, our coaching is adaptable to your goals. We offer focused assistance on various aspects like email writing, grammar, vocabulary building, conversation techniques, presentation skills, and negotiation tactics, all tailored to improve your overall English communication in a professional setting.


  • Gaining Confidence: Overcoming nerves and feeling secure in your English usage.

  • Fluency and Vocabulary: Expanding your vocabulary and improving fluency for more effective communication.

  • Appropriate Language Use: Learning to use language suitably in different professional contexts.

  • Customized Learning: Addressing specific areas like email etiquette, presentation language, and negotiation terms in English.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced English trainers, with decades of teaching experience both internationally and in Germany, work with you one-on-one to provide dedicated support and guidance. They are skilled in identifying and enhancing your strengths while addressing areas that need improvement.

Format and Flexibility

Coaching sessions are conducted online and tailored to fit your specific objectives and time constraints. We understand that you may have budget considerations, and we're ready to discuss options that work for you. Our coaching typically involves several hours spread over weeks, supplemented by practical homework and additional resources to reinforce learning.

Proven Success

We've successfully coached clients from various backgrounds, including Haufe Akademie for business English communication, as well as employees from small and medium-sized companies across different sectors like IT and food. Our coaching has benefitted individuals at all levels, from staff members to business directors.

Start your coaching

Interested in elevating your English proficiency for professional growth? Get in touch for an initial assessment to gauge your level and discuss how we can meet your specific needs.


We'll consider your available time and budget to create a plan that suits you. For more details on the process, please see our "How It Works" section and fill out the contact form for a personalized coaching experience.


David Preston

English Coach and Trainrer

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