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Understanding + Communication = Negotiation

The United Kingdom is one of Germany's most important trading partners in Europe. Even if its geographical proximity suggests otherwise, there are differences in culture and mentality that will impact on your negotiation, as different sets of rules apply in the two countries. The aim of this seminar is to teach you these rules.

You will learn about cultural differences in communication and negotiation to enable you to respond appropriately to typically English behaviour. You will gain more confidence in formal and informal dealings and you will be better understood.

Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 1 day



  • You will learn about the values of the British and what makes them tick

  • You will enhance your communication with UK business partners

  • You will improve your ability to negotiate and cooperate with the British


An insight into British life

  • What is British culture and what is it shaped by?

  • Historical influences on modern British thinking and behaviour

  • Institutions in the UK: schools, government and the monarchy

  • The current economic situation and forecasts


Communicating successfully with the British

  • What is the British perception of Germans?

  • Dealing with stereotyping and prejudice

  • Demanding and criticising – the German way vs. the British way

  • Collaborating successfully, including across hierarchies


How they do things and make decisions

  • Formulating goals and making decisions

  • Planning vs. pragmatism and the approach to risk

  • Discussion culture and the formulation of arguments

  • Playing politics; the influence of informal networks


Behave correctly

  • Rituals in British life and negotiation

  • Apparently unusual behaviour and customs

  • Humour in the workplace

  • Other dos and don'ts for working with British business partners


Trainer input, quiz questions, pair work, group discussion, short videos 


This seminar is ideal for anyone working with British business partners.

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