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Fundamentals of negotiation based on the Harvard strategy

There are many situations – both professional and private – that require us to negotiate, for example when discussing prices with suppliers, negotiating contract terms with customers, or communicating between departments in your company.

If you are new to negotiations, have just gained your first practical experience or simply never had a training session on the subject - here you will find the most important theory, tactics and know-how for your future negotiations.


Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 2-3 days,
depending on requirements and exercise intensity

This training can be combined with other negotiation topics, e.g. Intercultural Negotiation or Negotiating with Personalities.

basic training



Sebastian Hawkins on the seminar "Professional Negotiation".


  • You will learn a set of key negotiation techniques that you can use in many situations and apply them with confidence.

  • You will learn the importance of proper preparation in strengthening your negotiating position.

  • You will put your negotiating skills to the test and receive valuable feedback.


Principles to become a good negotiator

  • Basics and definition of negotiation

  • Why it pays to be able to negotiate skillfully

  • In which situations negotiation does not make sense

  • Strategic approaches of different negotiation styles and their flexible use

Good preparation

  • Questions and tools for planning and preparing a negotiation

  • Alternative courses of action (BATNA) when no agreement is possible

  • Expanding the scope with additional options and possible solutions


Communication in negotiations

  • How to steer the negotiation and explore the interests of the negotiating partner through specific questioning techniques

  • Active listening to better understand the motives and concerns of the other party

  • The importance of body language, confidence and personal presence


Tactics and techniqes

  • Phases and activities

  • Techniques and tactics to convince the other side

  • Practical implementation of the Harvard concept for fair and efficient negotiation


Interactive workshop with trainer input, group and pair work, role exercises, video analysis, group discussions and case analyses


Ideal for newcomers and people with little professional negotiation experience or who have never received real training!

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