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What are our seminars, training courses and coaching sessions like? Here we would t like to give you a short insight into how we conduct our work.

Creating the right atmosphere

Our goal is to build up an atmosphere of trust between ourselves and you along with all the other participants. It is therefore important to us that we create a relaxed learning atmosphere in the protected space of the seminar room. The atmosphere is further enhanced by classical music playing in the background along with appropriate images to stimulate your visual processes.

The element of music plays such a big role in our seminars because it stimulates our participants into reflecting on what they have learned and to partake of further talks on the subjects covered. Participants experience the satisfaction of learning together and enjoying the sense of comfort in the group – all aspects that build trust.

Selecting the right location for our seminars is also an important factor. Pleasant room conditions, good food, and a friendly atmosphere are decisive when it comes to maximising your learning success. Which is why we take great care in selecting the right hotels for our open seminars and we instinctively know when we have found the right place.

The open atmosphere of our seminars and our tenet of being responsive to our participants’ needs at all times are factors that are not only highly appreciated by our customers, but they also make our seminars simply unique. Find out for yourself!

Fun – an essential factor of learning success


If we have fun in what we do, then it also makes it easier – and not only that, we are better and more successful too! And that also applies to learning: which is why we always do what we can to ensure that our sessions are as enjoyable as possible. Not just in the theoretical activities but also, for example, in the energy exercises that we perform every now and then whenever we feel the need to recharge our batteries; these are conceived in a way that gives us a chance to have a laugh – even about ourselves. A touch of spontaneous humour never did anyone any harm – and it does wonders in supporting our initial premise – of creating an open and relaxed atmosphere in our sessions.

Learning by doing


We learn best and fastest when we actually do something ourselves. This is why we attach such great importance to your active participation in our sessions. We do not simply read out the content of a pile of dry PowerPoint slides, and this is another thing that our participants appreciate. What we offer you is a tried and tested mix of methods, consisting of role plays, mutual inputs and group exercises. The extent to which each learner is prepared to take an active part in the activities plays an essential role in determining his learning success.

Of course, we are also aware that every participant has their own way of learning, with different mechanisms for absorbing and processing information. This is why we offer a colourful mix of training methods that match the subject being covered.

Training also means practising, and this is exactly what we give you a chance to do in our seminars. And all of this within the protected space of the seminar room.

Flexibility – we pay attention to your needs


Being prepared and having a plan is all well and good. But in reality, things are often quite different from what you expect. Naturally, this is an eventuality that we always have to be ready for. We know very well that not all seminar rooms provided by customers for their in-house training will be ideal and we also know that not all exercises will appeal to every participant and that some people might prefer to try out other methods.

This is why all training seminars are conceived with a degree of flexibility, to allow us to accommodate our participants’ needs and expectations and adapt as necessary to the available room conditions. We actually enjoy the challenges that these situations present.

Another aspect of our flexibility is our ability to offer our seminars and training courses internationally. We have implemented our courses in many countries outside of Germany. Since we are able to hold our sessions entirely in English, we can offer them in the countries and regions where you need us.

We train each other


We know what we are talking about. But we would not claim to know more about your subject or working environment than you yourself – this is where you are the expert. But we do make similar experiences in other areas and jobs and can identify well with your challenges.

At Hawkins Consulting, we not only provide training in the subject areas in which we ourselves are qualified and have years of personal experience. Our regular development in ‘train the trainer’ workshops and mutual coaching are also decisive aspects of the ongoing process of optimisation and improvement in our training activities. This enables our trainers to continue developing their own specialist and personal skills. You could say we are constantly training each other.


Although the services we offer are not limited to any specific industries, there is one thing that all our customers have in common – they all operate internationally or have an international team.

We have demonstrated our skills in the implementation of training seminars on multiple occasions in a wide range of fields and industries, including the following:

  • Automobile OEM

  • Automobile parts suppliers

  • Renewable energy

  • Wholesale and retail

  • Finance and investment projects

  • IT software development

  • Chemicals

  • Medical research institutions

  • Telecommunications

  • Logistics and freight

We are also extremely satisfied with our close and successful cooperation with the Haufe Academy, where Sebastian Hawkins has been carrying out in-house and open seminars since 2009.


We are also very glad to be cooperating with Eidam & Partner, specialists in intercultural training & coaching, preparing for international postings and other services relating to international working.

We operate not only throughout Germany but also all over Europe s. In addition to Germany, we have provided training seminars and workshops in

  • Great Britain

  • Poland

  • France

  • Netherlands

  • Spain

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • Croatia

  • Australia

  • Albania

  • Turkey

  • Sweden

In short, wherever our customers need us.

Would you like any more details?


We will be happy to send you more information about our individual customer projects or even put you in touch with individual customers, so that you can request a reference directly.


Just ask us.

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