In-house seminars can be held on the premises, whether in or outside Germany. Unless otherwise indicated, all courses are conceived for groups of up to 12 people and can be tailored to your individual needs. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your training requirements and maximise your employees’ negotiating skills!

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We currently offer the following seminars:


Negotiating professionally I

Learn the basics of successful negotiation and put them into practice using the Harvard concept.


Negotiating professionally II

This advanced seminar shows you how to master challenging situations without bringing the other party to its knees.


Cross-cultural negotiation

Get to know the special features of negotiations with representatives of other cultures and overcome cultural barriers in the process.

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Negotiating with DiSC® personality types

We all have our own ways of behaving, communicating and making decisions, which is why the DiSC model of personality types is so useful in negotiations.


Dealing with the British

At first sight they aren’t so different to Germans, but they often present a few surprises in the way they communicate, make decisions and conduct business relationships. We tell you what you need to know ...


Business communication training

Communicate more effectively and with greater authority in English – on the phone, in e-mails and in person.


Managing challenging discussions

How to overcome conflicts and communication barriers with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Presenting in English

As a negotiator, you need to know how to present yourself, your company, and your added value. Learn how to inspire and convince others – in English.

Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements!

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