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Mastering challenging negotiation situations

Maybe you already have experience in negotiating but you now wish to work on your personal style and learn how to deal with more challenging situations.

Normal conversational tactics and negotiation techniques are not usually enough to deal with tense or emotional situations or even threats. 

This advanced seminar presents methods and strategies of communication designed to de-escalate conflicts and overcome difficulties in negotiations. We help you increase your power of conviction and achieve a positive result for all involved. We also tell you what you can do if that doesn't work.

Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 2-3 days,
depending on requirements and exercise intensity

This training can be combined with other negotiation topics, e.g. Intercultural Negotiation or Negotiating with Personalities.


  • You will optimise your negotiation style.

  • You will learn to deal confidently with difficult or aggressive negotiators.

  • You will be able to overcome complex negotiation situations.


Power and authority in negotiations

  • Assessing the power balance and improving your negotiating position

  • Strategies and tactics for negotiating with monopolists

  • Approaching a partner at a different level of power


Methods of persuasion 

  • Dealing with numbers; the framing effect

  • Psychology of persuasion - 6 ways of influencing the decision and the process

  • How to make it easier for the other side to say ‘Yes’


Emotional negotiation situations

  • Dealing with emotional negotiators

  • Communicating without causing hurt

  • Coping with stressful situations

  • Getting the other party back on your side


Difficult negotiation situations

  • Understanding and managing complex situations

  • Recognising and dealing with unethical behaviour and dirty tricks

  • Responding to threats and offers to take it or leave it

  • Lessons from difficult negotiations around the world


  • Interactive workshop with trainer input, group and pair work, role exercises, video analysis, group discussions and case analyses

  • Simulated negotiations for enhancing negotiating style

  • Practising rhetorical skills in demanding situations

  • Discussing and learning from real-life cases 


For people with negotiating experience who are now involved in more challenging purchasing, sales, project management or internal negotiations.

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