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Navigate British business culture with expert coaching


Our 'Dealing with the Brits' coaching is an essential guide for anyone looking to effectively navigate the complexities of British business culture. This specialized online coaching is perfect for those engaging in business discussions with British counterparts, working with partners and subsidiaries in the UK, relocating to the UK for work, or simply aiming to better understand British colleagues. Our sessions will equip you with the knowledge to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with your British counterparts.



  • Customized solutions: Our coaching is highly personalized, focusing on individual cases and current challenges. We offer reflections and tailored answers rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring relevance to your specific situations and needs.

  • Adaptability: Unlike larger group trainings, our sessions are designed to adapt to your unique requirements, providing a more targeted learning experience that addresses your particular goals and challenges.

  • Concentrated learning: We dive deep into the areas most crucial for you, offering detailed insights, focused exercises, and practical strategies to enhance your understanding and skills in navigating British business culture.

Format and Flexibility

The coaching is typically conducted online over four to five 1-hour sessions, depending on your specific requirements. This format is designed to provide comprehensive yet flexible learning.

Proven Success

We have years of experience working closely with individuals and groups across various industries, offering tailored guidance on UK/GB cultural nuances. References are available upon request.

Your coaches (Dave and Sam)

Our experts, hailing from the UK and with extensive experience working in both Germany and the UK, specialize in teaching cross-cultural differences, particularly between the UK and Germany. Their background ensures a deep and nuanced understanding of both cultures.

Sebastian Hawkins

Dave Preston


Communication styles
Delve into the nuances of British communication, exploring how indirectness, politeness, and humor play pivotal roles in everyday business exchanges. This segment aims to demystify the often-understated cues and expressions unique to British discourse, enhancing your ability to engage and connect.


Offering feedback
Master the art of navigating the delicate balance of giving constructive feedback in a manner that aligns with British cultural sensitivities. Learn effective techniques for framing feedback that respects the importance of face-saving and subtlety, ensuring it is both heard and acted upon.


Business interactions
Equip yourself with effective strategies for making a positive impact during presentations, negotiations, and meetings. This includes understanding the British emphasis on preparation, formality, and the correct use of protocol, which are critical for successful business dealings.


Decision making
Explore the intricate balance between consensus-building and top-down decision-making prevalent in British businesses. This section illuminates how to effectively engage in the decision-making process, recognizing the emphasis on collective agreement alongside the respect for hierarchical directives, enabling you to influence decisions more effectively.


Building Relationships
Discover the delicate balance between sociability and the preservation of private boundaries in professional relationships within the UK. Learn strategies to navigate the fine line between being approachable, building rapport, and respecting the often-unspoken boundaries that define the private sphere, ensuring lasting and respectful professional connections.


Cultural insights
Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the British workplace ethos, including the influence of social norms, historical contexts, and how they shape business practices and attitudes. This knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to work effectively within the British business environment.

Start your coaching

Ready to master the art of British business culture? Review our "How It Works" section below, then fill out the form to get in touch. We’ll arrange a short initial briefing, followed by a personalized plan to meet your specific cultural coaching needs. Your success in navigating British business culture is our commitment.

You can find details of the process here.


Dave Preston and Sebastian Hawkins

Trainer and Coaches

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