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The future of ONLINE training 

The introduction of 3D and VR into the training sector marks a turning point in the way knowledge is communicated and absorbed. Through immersive learning experiences that allow complex scenarios to be simulated in a protected environment, VR takes training to a new level. Studies show that VR training can improve memory performance and promote the practical application of what has been learnt. This technology not only offers an unrivalled level of interactivity and engagement, but also opens up opportunities for more efficient and effective learning. 

With TriCAT spaces into the world of 3D 


TriCAT spaces is an avatar-based virtual 3D learning and working environment with maximum media and social interaction options. You communicate and work via your own avatar in real time with the other participants in the same scenario. Your guests can be located anywhere in the world.

Advantages over Zoom & Co:

  • More intuitive and interactive working and communication with many participants from all over the world

  • due to freedom of movement in different rooms

  • Large and small groups possible

  • 3D objects become "touchable"

  • Conversations can be held in shielded audio zones so that only the participants can hear each other, the rest of the group hears nothing

  • Use of realistic simulations, exercises become more tangible and experiential

  • Wide variety of methods possible for solving tasks or working together in a team

  • Comprehensive moderator tools, e.g:

  • Controllable role and rights management

  • Create groups and transport them through the scenario or transport individual participants

  • Meeting mode - all participants are transported to one point

  • Open voice channel can be activated for the entire scenario

  • Transfer of the scene editor to participants

  • and much more

  • Cost efficiency for scaling

Interview with Tricat about the system and the future of ONLINE training in 3D worlds (in German)

Our VR training programmes

While we have already taken the first steps towards 3D/VR-based training programmes, we have yet to fully develop this area. Our aim is to continually expand and improve the range of these training programmes to meet the changing needs of industry and learners. Innovation and technological progress are the keys to our future-orientated training solutions.  


Current seminars in 3D space:

Cooperation with TriCAT in the field of "Training in 3D space"  

A crucial step in our strategy to dive into the development of soft-skill VR training was the collaboration with Tricat, an expert in 3D learning spaces. By combining our expertise as trainers with Tricat's technological know-how, we can develop customised solutions that are specifically tailored to our customers' needs. Our joint projects have already shown that the use of 3D in training pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

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