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Negotiation Planning Tools


Mastering essential planning tools for negotiation preparation.

As a negotiator, have you ever felt the need for more structure and strategy in your approach? Dive into our course on essential planning tools tailored for negotiators from all walks of life. Whether you're brokering major business deals, navigating everyday disputes, or anything in between, this course arms you with the key tools to instill confidence, strategy, and knowledge. Equip yourself to step into any negotiation scenario with finesse.

Core Contents

  • Table of Interests: How do you prioritize and categorize the interests of negotiating parties to find common ground?

  •  BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement): What's your backup plan if a negotiation doesn't go your way?

  •  ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement): Where does the sweet spot lie in negotiations where both parties find value?

  • Information Matrix: How can you systematically capture and organize crucial data for complex negotiations?


Learning objectives

Upon course completion, you will:

  • Understand the significance and application of the Table of Interests in structuring negotiation interests.

  • Master the concept of BATNA and its strategic importance in negotiation scenarios.

  • Grasp the essence of ZOPA and identify areas of mutual benefit in negotiations.

  • Efficiently use the Information Matrix for systematic data organization and analysis in negotiations.


Benefits for you

  • Strategic readiness: Equip yourself with pivotal tools that ensure you're negotiation-ready.

  • Holistic understanding: Through the Table of Interests, achieve a full spectrum view of what parties want and why.

  • Data mastery: The Information Matrix offers clarity, allowing you to focus on pivotal data and prepare your team.

  • Adaptive techniques: Be ever-prepared with versatile tools applicable across a myriad of negotiation scenarios.


Buchungsnummer: 350478

6 chapters



On demand

Available for 12 months

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  • Table of interests.

  • BATNA.

  • ZOPA.

  • Informationsmatrix.

Target group

This training is suitable for anyone who negotiates in their professional or private everyday lifeen lead.


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