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Plan a negotiation correctly

The web-based training on "Planning Tools for Negotiations" offers an in-depth insight into essential planning tools that provide the necessary knowledge, strategies and confidence to enter any negotiation situation competently. Preparation is a key aspect of successful negotiations and is often a challenge:

What are the considerations beforehand?

What should particular attention be paid to?

The content of this course, from the Interest Matrix to BATNA and ZOPA to the Information Matrix, transforms the approach to negotiation and provides solid preparation to achieve the desired outcomes in negotiations.


6 chapters



On demand

Available for 12 months

Your invest:
€ 29.00 incl. Vat


  • Understanding the Table of Interests
    Learning the methodology and application of the Table of Interests to identify and structure interests and goals in negotiations.

  • Apply ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement)
    Understanding how to identify ZOPA and how to use this knowledge to steer negotiations in a mutually beneficial direction.

  • Strategic use of BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
    Learning to conceptualise and strategically use BATNA to strengthen one's negotiating position and develop exit or switching strategies.

  • Effective use of the information matrix
    Build skills in creating and analysing an information matrix to organise information effectively, set priorities and develop a clear negotiation strategy.

The most important topics

  • Table of Interests.

  • BATNA.

  • ZOPA.

  • Information matrix

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