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Negotiation Styles


Exploring the dynamics of negotiation.

Are you keen to master the art of negotiation? Delve into the fascinating world of negotiation styles with our course, rooted in the revered Thomas-Kilmann Model. Whether you're in sales, procurement, or project management, this course is designed to enhance your understanding and application of five essential negotiation styles: Competitive, Cooperative, Compromise, Avoidance, and Accommodating.

Core Contents
  • Competitive: How do you stand your ground in a negotiation without alienating the other party?

  • Cooperative: Ever wondered how collaboration can lead to win-win outcomes in negotiations?

  • Compromise: When is it right to find a middle ground, and how do you achieve it effectively?

  • Avoidance: When is it strategic to avoid or discontinue a negotiation, and why might this be beneficial?

  • Accommodating: How can understanding and valuing the other party's position lead to beneficial outcomes?


Learning objectives

Upon course completion, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the foundational principles behind the Thomas-Kilmann negotiation styles.

  • Evaluate and choose the most effective style tailored for specific negotiation scenarios.

  • Discern and strategically leverage the strengths and counterbalance the limitations of each style.

  • Refine your negotiation techniques by harnessing insights from these styles.


Benefits for you

  • Strategic diversity: Dive into a suite of negotiation styles, empowering you to adapt flexibly to diverse scenarios.

  • Informed decision-making: Leverage a deeper understanding of each style to drive positive negotiation outcomes.

  • Scenario mastery: Navigate any negotiation landscape with confidence, employing the right style.


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8 chapters



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The 5 negotiation styles according to Killmann:

  • Competitive

  • Cooperative

  • Compromise

  • Avoidance

  • Accommodation

Target group
ThisIt training is suitable for everyone in their professional life or conduct private everyday negotiations.


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