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WEBCOACHING – Your individual support for
international communication

At Hawkins Consulting, we specialize in a range of tailored coaching services to meet your professional needs. Our expert coaching is designed for impactful, one-on-one online sessions. Ideal for professionals seeking skill development and confidence, our programs are focused on your personal and professional advancement.


Presentation Coaching

Enhance your public speaking prowess with our individualized Presentation Coaching, tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking feedback on your current presentation skills, aiming to boost your confidence, or learning new techniques to captivate your audience, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our one-on-one online sessions offer personalized attention, ensuring you gain the skills to present confidently and effectively in any setting. Perfect for individuals of all levels, our coaching is designed to transform your presentation capabilities.
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UK/GB Coaching

Navigate the nuances of interacting with British colleagues and clients with our 'Dealing with the Brits' coaching. This specialized online coaching is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of British communication styles, business etiquette, and cultural nuances. Whether you're engaging in meetings or negotiations, our expert coaching will help you communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with your British counterparts.

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English Communication / Business English Coaching

Enhance your business English skills with our focused coaching, specifically designed to elevate your professional communication. Our one-on-one online sessions cater to your unique needs, covering essential aspects like effective email and report writing, confident conversational skills for meetings and negotiations, and overall language proficiency in a corporate context. Ideal for improving your command of English in the business world, our coaching empowers you to communicate effectively, confidently, and professionally in various business scenarios.
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Negotiation Help

Looking to refine your negotiation skills further? Our Negotiation Help coaching is the perfect follow-up to our training courses or an ideal standalone aid for specific negotiation challenges. Whether it's a refresher on key strategies, assistance with a particular case, or personalized advice for crucial negotiations – including salary discussions – we're here to provide expert guidance. Our focused online sessions are designed to equip you with the tools and confidence needed to navigate any negotiation scenario successfully.
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Wie es funktioniert

How it works


Get in touch

Start by telling us about your requirements. Whether it's a brief description or a detailed inquiry, reach out to us to arrange a preliminary meeting or a short call. In this initial interaction, we'll discuss the scope, timing, and the specific challenges you're facing.


Defining the process

Together, we'll determine the most effective course of action. This could range from a one-off 30-minute or one-hour session to a series of 4-6 one-hour meetups, especially beneficial for continuous learning in areas like mastering British business etiquette or refining presentation skills. For focused negotiation queries, even a 30-minute session might be sufficient.


Quotation and approval

Prior to commencement, we'll provide you with a detailed quote for the services, allowing you to obtain the necessary approvals before we proceed.


Scheduling and billing

Once we've agreed on the session plan, we'll arrange a start and end date for our sessions. Billing is straightforward and will be handled post-session, invoiced to you or your company.

Simplified booking for returning clients:
For those who have worked with us before, booking a session is even easier. If you're looking to schedule a half-hour or one-hour session and we're already familiar with your needs, simply let us know through our contact form. We’ll send you a meeting link soon after so you plan it in yourself.

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