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Achieve your personal goals effectively and cost-efficiently. We work with you on the current challenges in your professional or private life - comfortably from your home or from the office.

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WEBCOACHING – Your individual support for

international communication

Use your personal coaching via internet to:

  • Broaden your knowledge and skills in communication and negotiation

  • Deal with difficult negotiation situations in your professional or private life

  • Reduce barriers in dealing with international teams or in international negotiations

  • Recognize and adequately address cultural differences

  • Hold more convincing and motivating presentations in the English language

Benefits of WebCoaching for you:

  • No travel time and travel costs

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Organized quickly and unbureaucratically, adapting to your personal situation

Coaching topics:




We help you to optimize your skills as an international negotiator

In individually tailored coaching sessions, we deal with the negotiation topics that are relevant to your current situation.

We help you and support you:

  • to reflect your personal style of negotiation

  • to reduce your fear of negotiation

  • to sharpen skills for future talks

  • to be more confident in the international environment

  • to improve your preparation for negotiations and to find the appropriate tactics for an optimal result

Through reflection, discussion, and feedback you can become a more confident and successful negotiator.

Interkulturelles Coaching


main regions:

Germany, USA & UK


Work and lead with confidence in an international environment

We also support you when you are in a situation that requires you to cope with cultural differences, for instance when acting as a team leader or when you are sent to work in a team abroad. We can also help if you are coming to take up a position in a company in Germany. Learn the differences in cultural values, behaviour and communication styles, and discover the best ways of becoming integrated and being understood in your new environment. Please note that our intercultural coaching focuses on those countries in which we have made our own personal experiences on both private and professional levels. For the USA, we work with established trainers and coaches from that country who are here in Germany.



Present with greater impact in the English language

A presentation coaching tailored precisely to you will give you the right skills and the appropriate self-confidence for your future appearances in front of international audiences. Each year, we train / coach several groups of companies and individuals to develop their personal presentation style and rhetorical skills. We are happy to work with your own presentation examples, so you can achieve an optimal effect during your talk. Helpful inputs, best practice cases and, above all, extensive feedback from the trainer will help you to be more self-confident in the future. Your presentation will be more targeted, more positive and have a greater impact on your audience!



We provide support tailored to your personal language needs. Together with our experienced English trainer, you can work during several online sessions on enhancing your language skills, improving your business correspondence, and increasing your general confidence in your use of English. You can set the tempo and together we will work out which areas you need to work on.

What to do now

  • Simply contact us (using our form).​

  • We can then make an appointment for a free and non-binding first discussion.​

  • During this first meet we get to know each other and talk about your requirements and relevant topics.​

  • You decide if and to what extent the coaching should take place.​

  • We then discuss the timing.

Technical requirements


  • Computer with an internet connection

  • Adobe Flash Player

  • Telephone nearby, should the internet connection be insufficient




Business English Coaching: 125 EUR per hour (plus VAT)

All other topics: 175 EUR per hour (plus VAT)

Prices include any preparatory or follow-up work on our part.

A session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. We can coach you in German as well as in English. The number of sessions depends on the topics to be covered and will be discussed during the initial discussion.


Contractual and payment terms


Should you decide to work with us, we would then close a small contract containing the following:

  • number of hours agreed (maximum)

  • time-frame for the coaching

  • hourly rate

  • outline of the objectives and topics discussed in the first meeting

  • billing formalities

As soon it has been signed and confirmed, we can arrange our first proper session. Once we’re finished or the agreed coaching period has expired, we’ll invoice you (or your company) for the sessions carried out. 

Of course, perhaps we’re actually done after just an hour or two. That’s fine as well!

And now…  Take advantage of this opportunity and contact us using the request form. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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