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Business communication training

Improving the impact of your written and spoken English


With increasing internationalization, it is more and more important that employees can converse and deal with business correspondence in English. This seminar gives you the tools you need to communicate effectively with international partners in person, in writing or on the phone. We also focus on business etiquette, understanding how misunderstandings occur and how different cultures communicate differently.

Benefits to you:

  • Your English will be more precise and expressive.

  • You will be able to use English more confidently in business.

  • You will know how to communicate in an international context and avoid blunders.


Maximum group size: 12 people / Duration: 2 days


This seminar is for anyone who wishes to improve their written and verbal business English. It is of particular interest to sales and purchasing employees who regularly deal with business partners abroad. The seminar is in English, although perfect knowledge of the language is not required!


Communicating by email

  • Successful e-mail communication in English

  • Attracting more attention with your email

  • Hitting the right note – informal and formal language

  • Learning to be diplomatic and read between the lines

  • Communicating bad news and dealing with complaints

  • Dos and don'ts of email communication


Communicating on the phone

  • Expressing yourself clearly so that you are understood

  • Active listening on the phone and what to say when you don’t understand

  • Taking calls for others, taking messages and forwarding calls

  • Tips for telephone and video conferences

  • Important English telephone terms


Communicating in person

  • Small talk in international business

  • Questioning techniques

  • Avoiding misunderstandings

  • Cross-cultural aspects of communication


And of course: Practicing English for 2 days!



Variety of methods, including individual reflection, trainer input, pair discussions, group work, video analysis, short exercises with feedback, practising typical conversation scenarios

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