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Negotiate with yourself before dealing successfully with others

In today's fast-paced and often high-stress business environment, the ability to navigate emotional discussions with poise and understanding is invaluable. Hawkins Consulting's "Mastering Emotional Discussions" training is meticulously designed to equip participants with the skills needed to manage and lead conversations effectively, even when emotions run high.


Offered both on-premise and online via TRICAT, a platform known for its immersive and highly interactive learning experiences, this seminar ensures accessibility and effectiveness in learning, regardless of the format chosen.

Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 1 day


This training can be combined with other negotiation topics.

This training can also be booked ONLINE in a 3D room at Tricat.
Further information and example here.

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  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Gain insight into your emotional triggers and how to manage them, fostering a mindset geared towards positive outcomes.

  • Effective Communication Skills: Learn how to keep discussions productive and positive, even in emotionally charged situations.

  • Strategies for Difficult Interactions: Equip yourself with the tools to handle aggression and demand with diplomacy and assertiveness.


Understanding Emotional Intelligence:

Delve into the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, recognizing personal triggers and learning to reach a state of self-acceptance and readiness before engaging with others.

Managing Emotions in Discussions:

Explore why emotional responses occur and master de-escalation tactics to maintain constructive dialogue. Learn the principles of non-violent communication to facilitate respectful and empathetic conversations.

Navigating Aggression:

Develop strategies for dealing with demanding or aggressive individuals, from saying no with confidence to overcoming blockade situations, and understanding how to proceed when impasses seem insurmountable.


Various techniques, including individual reflection, trainer input, discussions in pairs, group work, video analysis, exercises, feedback.


This seminar is ideal for anyone looking to improve their ability to lead and participate in discussions where emotions are at play. It's particularly beneficial for team leaders, managers, and individuals in roles that require negotiation, conflict resolution, and empathetic communication.



For our online delivery, we utilize TRICAT, an innovative platform that offers an immersive learning environment. TRICAT enables participants to engage in realistic scenarios that mimic face-to-face interactions, making online learning deeply engaging and highly effective. Take a look at our example.

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