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Working successfully in negotiations with a wide variety of people

In a negotiation, people from different backgrounds, representing a variety of interests, and above all with a wide variety of personality types, come together with the aim of creating a mutually acceptable solution.

This seminar presents the various typical personality types that you are likely to encounter in a negotiation. To do this you get the opportunity to firstly create and evaluate your own DiSC® profile


DiSC® stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness - the four personality tendencies which you will find out about in the seminar. More information here!

Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 1 day


This training can be combined with other negotiation topics.

This training can also be booked ONLINE in a 3D room at Tricat.
Further information here.


  • You will learn to recognise personality types on the basis of key behavioural patterns.

  • You will be able to shape your communication in line with these personalities.

  • You will become more adept at assessing and interpreting people’s behaviour, particularly in difficult situations.

  • You will create your own DiSC® personality profile and use it to enhance the success of your negotiations.


Basics of the DiSC® model

  • Basic principles of the DiSC® personality model

  • Characteristics of personality types and how they affect negotiations

  • Typical behaviours in negotiations


Your own DiSC® personality

  • Determine your own personality style with the DiSC® personality test

  • Reflect on your own strengths when communicating with others

  • What do you need to improve in terms of your negotiation style?


Communicate better and more personally

  • Adapt your own communication to that of your negotiation partner

  • Understand how others react in stress or conflict situations

  • How to deal with difficult personality types


Various techniques, including individual reflection, trainer input, discussions in pairs, group work, video analysis, exercises, feedback.


Ideal for anyone who wishes to be more successful at dealing with multiple personality types.



In Tricat SPACES, we have created a virtual work and training room where you can learn and train together with colleagues from all over the world in real time from the comfort of your computer.

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