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Fundamentals of negotiation based on the Harvard strategy


What's it all about?

Each of us is different (and wouldn't life be boring if it weren't?). The DiSC® personality profile is a tool that provides you with your own behavioral profile and shows the differences between you and other people. The letters DiSC® stand for Dominance, Initiative, Steadiness and Conscientious. 


What can I learn?

During the training, you will learn...

  • to understand and quickly recognise different types of behavior using the DiSC® model

  • to reflect on your own personality type and to identify possible areas of development in communication and interaction with colleagues

  • how to adjust your communication style when having conversations with different types of people

  • what motivates others, but what also stresses them out and how to get them on your side

What's the agenda?

Morning session

  • Get to know the DISC model

  • Recognise different kinds of people

  • Reflect upon your own behavioral profile

  • Identify challenges in communicating with other people

Afternoon session

  • Recognise your own motivators and stressors

  • Customise your communication style

  • Practice session

  • Questions and answers


Inhouse Training

Number of participants:
up to 12 people 
Duration: 1 days


This training can be combined with other negotiation topics, e.g. Intercultural Negotiation or Negotiating with Personalities.

What is TriCAT spaces?

"TriCAT spaces is an avatar-based virtual 3D learning and working world with maximum media and social interaction options. You communicate and work with the other participants in the same scenario in real time via your own avatar. Your guests can be distributed worldwide." (Source:

TriCAT spaces is our virtual training room in which we can present lectures, work in small groups, presentations and, last but not least, small talk in a computer game. The personal experience is much more immersive than when similar training sessions are held in Zoom or similar. Here's an example:

Further information at:

What technical requirements do I need?

  • Commercially available, up-to-date computer:

    • PC from Windows 8.1 or Windows 10​

    • or Mac OS X from version 10.13

  • Headset

  • Fast internet connection (recommended DSL 6000 or higher)

  • Download the client for Tricat Spaces (further instructions in the mail with the access data, a few days before the start of the event)

  • More detailed information:

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