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...according to the Harvard concept

Discover the art of effective negotiation with our Web-Based Training (WBT)!

This course takes beginners deep into the essence of negotiation and is specifically designed to make entry into the world of negotiation techniques as easy and understandable as possible. Explore with us the importance of looking beyond mere positional poker and discover the traps that lurk in stubbornly holding on to one's own positions. Learn the art of widening the "negotiating pie" to everyone's advantage!

Our in-depth lessons look in detail at the key differences between integrative and distributive negotiations, with everything presented in easy-to-understand language and with numerous examples. We ensure that you can go into any negotiation with a fresh outlook and optimally prepared, always ready for success!


With no prior knowledge, you will be introduced to the world of negotiation through interactive modules and practical exercises. The WBT is designed so that you can learn at your own pace. Develop your negotiation skills with us and lay the foundation for successful negotiations in your professional and personal future. Start your journey now and become a master negotiator!"


6 chapters



On demand

Available for 12 months

Your invest:
€ 29.00 incl. Vat


  • Acquiring basic knowledge: You will learn essential basics and techniques for negotiation situations.

  • Application of negotiation techniques: After the seminar you will be able to use the techniques you have learnt confidently and safely in your negotiations.

  • Optimal preparation: You practise how to optimally prepare for a negotiation in order to strengthen your negotiating position.

  • Practice-oriented learning: In the protected setting of the seminar environment, you can actively try out your new negotiation skills and apply them practically.

  • Receive feedback: You will receive constructive feedback from both the seminar leaders and the other participants to continuously improve your skills.

  • Integration of theory and practice: You will learn to understand important principles, such as widening the negotiation pie and distinguishing between integrative and distributive negotiation situations, not only theoretically, but also to apply them practically.

  • Develop self-confidence: By actively practising and applying your acquired knowledge, you will build confidence in your negotiation skills.

  • Conduct successful negotiations: You will be equipped to successfully design and conduct future negotiations in both professional and personal contexts.

The most important topics

  • Positional and interest-based negotiation.

  • Distributive and integrative negotiation.

  • Make the "cake" bigger.

  • Key skills of a negotiator

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