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Fundamentals of Negotiation


Delving deep into important foundations of negotiation.

Navigating the complexities of negotiation requires more than just surface-level knowledge. Delve into our course that focuses on the bedrock of effective negotiation techniques. Understand the pitfalls of positional bargaining, the advantages of expanding the negotiation scope, and the essence of strategic negotiation. Equip yourself with the knowledge to transform not just the outcome but the very process of your negotiations.

Core Contents
  • Positional vs. Interest-based Negotiation:  Why is it critical to move beyond fixed positions and delve deeper into underlying interests in negotiations?

  • Distributive and Integrative Negotiation:  What makes collaborative negotiations more fruitful than the restrictive zero-sum approach?

  • Expanding the Pie:  Why is it essential to look beyond the apparent constraints and find ways to increase the value for all parties involved?

  • Key Negotiator Skills:  What inherent traits make some negotiators stand out, and how can you imbibe them?


Learning objectives

Upon course completion, you will:

  • Understand the fundamental distinction between positional and interest-based negotiation and why the latter is more advantageous.

  • Recognize the differences between distributive (zero-sum) and integrative (win-win) negotiation scenarios.

  • Gain proficiency in the techniques of expanding the negotiation scope, ensuring all parties derive optimal value.

  • Acquire essential negotiator skills that enable effective and strategic negotiations.

 Benefits for you
  • Beyond Positions:  Learn the art of moving beyond rigid positions, opening up a realm of possibilities in negotiations.

  • Collaborative Success:  Understand the essence of integrative negotiations, fostering win-win outcomes.

  • Value Expansion:  Master the technique of 'Expanding the Pie', ensuring all parties derive greater value from negotiations.

  • Skill enhancement: Acquire essential negotiator skills, elevating your negotiation approach from transactional to transformational.


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6 chapters



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  • Position-based vs. interest-based negotiation

  • Distributive and integrative negotiation

  • Expanding the Pie

  • Key skills of negotiators

Target group

This training is suitable for anyone who, in their professional or private everyday life,conduct negotiations.


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