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Inspire and motivate your listeners – even in a foreign language

Master the Art of Effective Communication and Captivate Your AudienceAre you looking to take your presentation skills to the next level? Do you want to confidently deliver impactful presentations in English that captivate your audience? Look no further! Our English Presentations Seminar is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your English presentations.

Inhouse Training

max. 10 participants

Duration: 2 days​ (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)


  • You will learn to respond to your audience, shake them up when necessary and, above all, keep them interested!

  • You will be more systematic in the way you prepare and deliver your presentation.

  • You will know what you need to bear in mind with an international audience.

  • You will be able to deal confidently with challenging situations and difficult audiences.

  • Above all, you will increase your self-confidence!


Your role as a presenter

  • What makes a successful presentation

  • Your role in the case of international presentations

  • How to increase your impact on your audience

  • Other aspects that almost always need extra attention

Presentation quality

  • What tools and aids are available for presentations?

  • How to get started and retain people’s interest

  • Public speaking tips

  • Storytelling for more inspiring presentations

  • Keeping it simple: it doesn’t have to be complicated

  • Concluding a presentation effectively

Challenging situations

  • Dealing with nervousness and mishaps

  • Dealing with difficult participants and challenging situations

  • Overcoming language barriers and enhancing your self-confidence

  • Appropriate use of voice and body language


Practical activities including video camera sequences, group and trainer feedback, trainer input, and group work


Suitable for anyone who gives speeches or presentations in English. Previous experience is not required – we give you all-round training!


Why should I attend this training?

Warum teilnehemen?

1. Enhance Your Communication Skills


Communication is key, and in this seminar, you'll refine your ability to express yourself clearly, concisely, and fluently. Whether it's improving your pronunciation, perfecting your intonation, or mastering your delivery, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way.

2. Structure and Organization

Learn the secrets of structuring and organizing your presentation in a logical and coherent manner. Discover how to create captivating openings that grab attention, effectively transition between ideas, and wrap up your presentation with impact. Your audience will be hanging on to every word!


3. Engage and Inspire


Engaging your audience is crucial to a successful presentation. Through interactive activities and real-world examples, you'll learn how to craft compelling stories, use thought-provoking questions, and employ persuasive techniques that inspire and leave a lasting impression.

4. Master Non-Verbal Communication

Body language speaks volumes. Discover the power of confident posture, effective gestures, and maintaining eye contact. Our seminar will help you leverage non-verbal cues to reinforce your message, build rapport, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

5. Choose Your Words Wisely

Expand your vocabulary and learn to select the right words for maximum impact. We'll show you how to tailor your language to different presentation contexts, striking the perfect balance between formality and informality to connect with diverse audiences.

6. Engage Your Audience

Active engagement ensures a memorable presentation. Discover innovative techniques to involve your audience, foster participation, and create a dynamic atmosphere. From interactive polls to thought-provoking discussions, you'll keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

7. Handle Questions with Confidence


Questions and feedback are opportunities to shine. Our seminar will equip you with strategies to handle inquiries professionally, actively listen, and respond with clarity and confidence. You'll learn to address concerns effectively and leave your audience impressed with your expertise.

8. Ongoing Growth and Improvement


The English Presentations Seminar is just the beginning. We foster an environment of continuous improvement, providing you with resources, practice opportunities, and constructive feedback to refine your skills long after the seminar ends.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a charismatic and persuasive presenter in English. Join us for the Presenting in English Seminar and unlock your true potential. Register now and take the first step towards captivating your audience with confidence!

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