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VIDEO Tutorial


  • Improve your negotiation skills

  • Learn some negotiation and persuasion tactics

  • Use the tools presented straight away!

Our online training “Negotiating Compact” is aimed at all people who have to negotiate in their professional or private everyday life. Negotiations take place all the time and everywhere, be it a new employment or rental contract, when buying a car or in collaboration with suppliers, customers and colleague. In this course, you will develop new skills and learn to know and apply tactics that will make your negotiations more efficient and successful.

Booking information

Booking number: 379265

  • Each module takes about 30-45 minutes and is in English

  • The training consists of 9 modules plus a quiz

  • Once paid, the course is available for 12 months

  • Repeat as often as you like

  • Price: 59.00 € including VAT

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