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Learn how to convince ohters
Improve your negotiation skills in just on day
Skills you can use straight away


Learn and train important skills – in just on day!

Negotiation in its various forms is part of our daily lives. Whether purchasing a car, renting a new apartment or wanting a salary increase. With the right negotiating skills, you can often achieve better results.

It is often the small, subtle things that make the decisive difference: strong rhetoric, self-confident appearance or the right tactics. All factors that help you succeed and feel better about having mastered the discussion more professionally and with greater confidence.


We introduce you to the main negotiation strategies and approaches in just one day, so that your future negotiations are even more successful!

What this seminar will hep you to achieve:

  • You improve your negotiating style and thus increase the amount of success you have.

  • You can actually have more fun at negotiating, reduce your fear of it and find the right attitude towards it.

  • You strengthen your self-confidence, which can also be felt in other areas of your life.

  • Your reasoning, rhetoric and charisma will improve, you will be perceived as a competent and confident negotiating partner.


Participants: up to 10 people / Duration: 2 days** / Inhouse + Open Seminars


When should you visit this seminar?

  • if you have important negotiations coming up with perhaps more experienced negotiating partners and you consider your bargaining position rather poor.

  • If you would have wished better results in recent negotiations, if you made mistakes or if you did not react in a convincing manner or confident manner.

  • If you wish to sustainably improve your communication skills, body language, negotiation skills, etc. in order to develop your personality further.

This training is especially recommended for private citizens, e.g. if…

  • you’re planning a major purchase, e.g. buying a house or apartment, an expensive car, a boat etc.

  • you are a member (or in a leading position) of clubs and advisory boards and negotiate with various bodies over and over again.

  • you are a craftsman, freelancer or sole trader and conduct price negotiations with service providers and customers.

  • you want to increase your benefits or salary at work.



... rhetorical skills …

  • to present your own position with confidence and authority.

  • to argue convincingly with the right words.

  • by using questions to examine your power position and alternatives.

  • to listen active listening to your negotiating partners, thus understanding their core interests and concerns

  • be able to react swiftly in a variety of situations.


... questions for your preparation ...

  • what are my negotiation goals - what do I want to achieve?

  • what room for negotiation do I have?

  • which is the best and what is the worst result?

  • what will I do if the result I wish for can’t be reached?

  • what additional options can be negotiated?

... for your self-confidence and for the negotiation process ...

  • develop the right strategies for the situation.

  • build up and follow a negotiation structure.

  • find and apply the appropriate negotiation tactics.

  • to better understand body language (facial expressions and gestures).

  • to radiate authority and self-confidence.

  • know what you want and how to better understand the bargaining framework.

  • achieve satisfactory results!


Interactive one-day seminar with: individual reflection, trainer input, pair discussions, group work, analysis of short film sequences, short exercises with collegial feedback. In addition, interactive exercises of typical or own conversation situations.


190.00€ (incl. VAT)


Seminar times: 9am to 6pm (slightly different to other seminar times)

The amount will be charged 4 weeks before the seminar and can be paid by the day of the seminar. Prices are all gross prices - you will of course receive an invoice including VAT.

The seminar price includes a document with checklists and tips, writing materials as well as meals during the seminar period (refreshments, snacks and lunch buffet). Not included are any resulting parking fees and accommodation costs.

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