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Dealing confidently with challenging situations

With all the negotiation concepts, methodologies, strategies available, if the other person or party does not play along, things still become more difficult. Many people in sales or purchasing face the challenge of dealing with very different business personalities.

This seminar presents a variety of communication methods designed to improve your performance in negotiations and discussions, increase your self-confidence and enhance the business relationship, even in difficult circumstances.

Benefits to you:

  • You will increase your self-confidence in discussions and improve your personal recognition.

  • You will communicate persuasively without hurting anyone.

  • You will learn how to deal confidently with difficult situations and people.

  • You will enhance your ability to adapt to different cultures.


Maximum group size: 12 people / Duration: 2 days


Aimed at people who are in constant communication with customers or suppliers but do not negotiate every day, for example employees in internal sales or operational purchasing.



Important communication tips

  • The importance of listening, especially as a negotiator

  • Understanding what negotiation partners are really saying, and avoiding misunderstandings

  • Asserting your interests without hurting the other side

  • Formulating demands without appearing quick-tempered

Displaying a confident demeanour

  • Formulating powerful arguments and counterarguments 

  • Increasing your conversational skill

  • Overcoming hierarchical differences

  • Using authority without being manipulative

  • Saying ‘No’ convincingly

  • Tips for successful online meetings


Overcoming conflict situations

  • Dealing with emotional negotiators

  • Dealing with verbal attacks and threats

  • Dealing with different personality types

  • Possibilities of de-escalation and the effects of escalation

  • What to do when the other party just doesn't do what you want

Considering cultural differences

  • Important differences in communication

  • Dealing with a ‘Yes’ that really means ‘No’

  • Cultural differences relating to time, decisions, power etc.

  • Attitudes of other cultures to difficult conversations


Interactive seminar with group work, trainer input, short exercises, group advice and discussion

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