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Presenting in english

Inspire and motivate your listeners – even in a foreign language



Duration: 2 days

Dates: 14.09.-15.09.

Price: 880€ plus VAT

Details (PDF)

The importance of English in international business life is undeniable, and the need to give presentations in English has become indispensable. Don’t forget too that your personal appearance also plays a role in your presentation’s success, not to mention that of your product, and also affects how you come across as a person.

When you address people in a negotiation, you are representing your company and its interests in an international environment. We show you how to do this more convincingly and successfully.

Benefits to you:

  • You will learn to respond to your audience, shake them up when necessary and, above all, keep them interested!

  • You will be more systematic in the way you prepare and deliver your presentation.

  • You will know what you need to bear in mind with an international audience.

  • You will be able to deal confidently with challenging situations and difficult audiences.

  • Above all, you will increase your self-confidence!


Maximum group size: 10 people / Duration: 2 days 


Suitable for anyone who gives speeches or presentations in English. Previous experience is not required – we give you all-round training!


Your role as a presenter

  • What makes a successful presentation

  • Your role in the case of international presentations

  • How to increase your impact on your audience

  • Other aspects that almost always need extra attention


Presentation quality

  • What tools and aids are available for presentations?

  • How to get started and retain people’s interest

  • Public speaking tips

  • Storytelling for more inspiring presentations

  • Keeping it simple: it doesn’t have to be complicated

  • Concluding a presentation effectively


Challenging situations

  • Dealing with nervousness and mishaps

  • Dealing with difficult participants and challenging situations

  • Overcoming language barriers and enhancing your self-confidence

  • Appropriate use of voice and body language


We can also put together an in-house training session tailored to your requirements (for example a product launch or to focus on specific types of presentation).


Practical activities including video camera sequences, group and trainer feedback, trainer input, and group work

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