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Successful and professional business correspondence!

Nervous about negotiations in English…

Our ONLINE training: "English for Negotiators” will help you gain the skills and the confidence for your future talks!

Upcoming events:

currently no dates available

In just 9 hours of training, you will learn the vocabulary, language and soft skills to conduct professional negotiations in English.

Course content

Module 1 (one afternoon session)

  • How do I formulate the subject line to attract greater attention?

  • How do I avoid misunderstandings and read between the lines?

  • How do I arouse a certain sympathy through my phrasing and choice of words?

  • How do I apply informal, business and formal writing styles?

  • How do I use indirect phrases?


Module 2 (one afternoon session)

  • How do cultural differences influence email correspondence?

  • How do I deal with criticism and "emotional" emails?

  • How do I deliver bad news without damaging the business relationship?

  • How do I say or write "no" when I cannot fulfill a request?

  • What answers do you have to my specific questions?

Benefit: ...and how you can benefit personally?

  • You are well-prepared for the world of negotiations in English

  • You practice the use of soft skills needed for negotiations.

  • You can now better understand and deal with cross-cultural situations.

  • You reduce your nervousness and are more confident in speaking ‘negotiation’ English.

  • You are ready grow your international negotiation skills with Hawkins Consulting Negotiation courses.

“I don’t believe in the born negotiator. You can learn, practice and enhance your skills. And that with every negotiation.” Sebastian James Hawkins

These topics are covered in this course based on the four main phases of negotiations: Preparation, Information, Bargaining, Close.

For the preparation phase: 

Learn key vocabulary and concepts for negotiations

Train small talk & introductions

Understand agenda English

For the information phase:

Learn how to get the negotiation off to a good start

Train various questioning techniques 

Understand how to ‘listen actively’ properly

For the bargaining phase:

Learn how to react to, deal with and resolve difficulties 

Train discussion techniques for negotiators

Understand how to reframe situations to resolve sticking points

For the closing phase:

Learn how to bring a negotiation to an end whether it is positive or negative 

Train summarizing and giving feedback techniques

Understand how different cultures (US/UK/CHINA) approach negotiations

How we train:

We have divided the course into 3 sessions, to give you plenty of time to learn, practice and improve as you go along, culminating in holding a short and simple (not difficult from a negotiations perspective) negotiation in the final session.

Don’t worry, it isn’t boring, ‘school-like’, and theoretical. We adopt a very-much ‘learning by doing’ approach, with short trainer input and hands-on practice. You will get personal feedback all along in a safe environment.


Sign up, skill up and build up your English for negotiations today!


David Preston


David hat fünfundzwanzig Jahre Erfahrung im Unterrichten von Gruppen und im Coaching von Managern in Englisch. Er liebt es, andere zu ermutigen und ihnen zu helfen, ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeiten zu verbessern sowie ihr Selbstvertrauen im Umgang mit der Sprache zu erhöhen. Ursprünglich aus Sheffield in England, David lebt und arbeitet seit 1995 in Deutschland. Außerdem hat er 1998 ein Jahr lang in einer Sprachschule in Kroatien unterrichtet.

Mehr Infos..

Booking information

Upcoming events:

currently no dates available

  • LIVE over 3 mornings

  • System: Zoom

  • Duration: 3.5h per day (including short breaks)

  • Language: English

  • Minimum level of English: B1

  • Some negotiation experience can be helpful but not necessary

  • Maximum participants: 8 

Details (PDF)

Participation fee

€ 375.00 plus VAT.

Contact us if you have any questions!

+49 911 39 45 628

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