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Are you and your team looking to increase your success on the international negotiating stage?

If so, you will find that our wide selection of essential and customisable training programmes, webinars, online tutorials and coaching services are just what you need to help you quickly and easily achieve your goals.

No matter what your current level of knowledge and experience is, once you have taken part in one of our seminars or training sessions, you will see how the door into the world of international negotiation opens up before you.

We also offer basic negotiation training for beginners and those who already have some experience as well as more advanced courses to help you deal with difficult negotiation scenarios or conduct negotiations in a cross-cultural business environment.

What we offer

International & intercultural

  • Training languages: English or German

  • Recognising and dealing with cultural differences

Online & Face-to-Face

  • Webinars, live coaching sessions

  • Online tutorials

  • In-house training

Training for teams or individuals

  • In-house and open seminars

  • Individual coaching

  • Team training

Many customers are already profiting from our years of negotiation and training experience in an international environment.


All of our trainers are native speakers of English who have lived and worked in Germany for many years.


Our courses and programmes are available ONLINE as LIVE WEBINARS OR TRAINING SESSIONS!

What is more, we are familiar with all the standard systems.

Almost all of our seminar and training topics are available as live webinars or training programmes. All courses and programmes are suitable for teams and individuals

Please enquire if your preferred system is not listed here. Anything that is possible we will be happy to provide! So why not make a telephone booking right now?

Send us your training enquiry now!
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